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Four Reasons You Should Hire a Skilled Industrial Mechanic

Your industrial equipment is a major investment for your company. Don’t trust its installation, maintenance and repair to just any mechanic. An industrial mechanic, also known as a millwright, is specially trained to install, maintain, repair and troubleshoot intricate industrial machinery and mechanical equipment. Discover four reasons you should hire a skilled millwright for all of your industrial equipment needs.

1. Safety First

Heavy equipment should be maintained by a professional with safety always at top of mind. On sites such as factories, production plants and industrial parks, it’s imperative that the mechanical staff be well trained and ready for any obstacle that may arise. For this reason, hiring a reputable company like WCI with a long history of safety is a must. Our protocols and systems are put in place to keep our staff—and yours—safe from start to finish.

2. Specialized Knowledge

Millwrighting is considered one of the oldest engineering trades. The original function of a millwright was the construction of mills powered by water or wind, made mostly of wood back in the old days. These days, the demand for millwrights is increasing because of the adoption of sophisticated manufacturing machinery, and the trade has become more sophisticated too with training and knowledge expanding at a fast-moving pace.

Complex tasks like connecting couplings and tightening belts to exact tolerances, precisely fitting bearings, or aligning gears and shafts must be done with no margin of error. Attaching motors or servicing hydraulic and pneumatic systems requires specialized knowledge not all mechanics possess. Ensuring your machinery is leveled, aligned and installed properly on its foundations, and coupling machinery to complicated electric motors and turbines, requires an experienced millwright. Our industrial mechanics have experience installing, maintaining, tack welding and fabricating a wide variety of industrial equipment for many industries.

4. Teamwork

Working on construction sites or in repair environments requires clear communication and knowledge as well as a respect for job delegations. Millwright industrial mechanics work in close association with other trades such as construction managers, machinists, instrument technicians, electricians and more. Exceptional interpersonal skills and ability to work together is integral to keeping operations running, reducing downtime, maintaining a safe environment and more.

Operating rigging equipment, hoisting heavy machinery, understanding diagrams and schematics and strong problem solving skills are just a few of many reasons you should hire a professional, knowledgeable industrial mechanic for your next installation, repair or maintenance project. Contact WCI for all of your millwright needs.