Directional Boring Services

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Directional Boring Services

Directional Boring Services

WCI, Directional Boring Division, is a nationwide company specializing in horizontal directional drilling. Our experienced team can install underground utilities such as power, gas, water/sewer, & fiber optic telecom lines. Our services are environmentally friendly & we use the latest equipment to insure minimal interruption of traffic flow, landscape, property ,and structures. Contact WCI for directional drilling, utility trenching, plowing & aerial line installation.

Featured Equipment

WCI Directional Boring drilling has become contractors and utility companies preferred method of installation for small and large diameter pipeline. WCI Directional Boring can provide you with the necessary horizontal directional drilling equipment and personnel to complete your project on time. Schedule permitting, we have the capability to provide you with over 10 drill rigs. All of our employees are highly experienced locators and operators, as well as being very safety conscious and complete OSHA 30 training.


WCI Directional Boring will be the leading provider for Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) in the industry, providing the tools and service to serve all of our customers' needs

Our Goals

  • Provide a safe work environment and be proactive to provide a safe working environment for our personnel and the public.
  • Always strive to offer the best customer service and form strong, lasting relationships.
  • Offer cost effective and creative solutions for our customers through our experience.

Job Site Safety

  • Prior to beginning Drilling operations, a meeting will be held for the crew consisting of job-site specific safety procedures. At this meeting, employees will be required to date, sign and print their names signifying their understanding of the discussed safety procedures.
  • A tailgate meeting will occur each day before any work has begun. Topics include the weather expected for the day, safety procedures specifically for the work to be completed that day, and any safety concerns or comments regarding the previous work day. Employees will then be required to date, sign and print their names signifying their understanding of the discussed safety procedures.
  • Every employee has the authority to Stop Work due to unsafe work conditions.
  • All crew members will continually look for ways to improve safety as well as regulate any unsafe procedures. Any procedure deemed unsafe will be reported to the supervisor and drilling operations will cease until a safe method is approved.*Complete Safety Plan upon request.