OEM Precipitator Parts

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OEM Precipitator Parts

OEM Precipitator Parts

WCI can supply your facility with a wide range of OEM parts for baghouses, fabric filters and electrostatic precipitators. Please contact WCI for parts availability and pricing. Below is a short list of some of the parts categories we can supply.

High Temperature Gasket Material

Rappers & Coils

Rapper Shafts

Fiberglass Rapper Rods

Rotary Airlock Valves

Boot Seals & Clamps

All Insulator Types

Anti-Sway Insulator Kits

Ground Straps

Specialty Parts as Requested

WCI has the equipment and capability to fabricate nearly any custom components you may require for your rebuild or retrofit. WCI has experience in the fabrication of patch plates, custom ductwork, access doors, and much more. We build to your specifications and ship to your site. For a custom parts quote contact WCI today with your requirements and specifications.