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Air Pollution Control Services

WCI offers a wide range of services such as millwright, electrical, mechanical, maintenance, consulting, and inspection services. WCI provides the knowledge and skills required for all your air quality needs such as; electrostatic precipitators, particle agglomerators, baghouses, screws, conveyors, elevators and vacuum systems. Whether maintenance, rebuild, fabrication, or cleaning are required WCI has the tools and personnel necessary to provide you with the quality services you want.

Why Choose Us
Dedicated Team

WCI's modified team approach is unique in the industry and provides benefits that other management structures can't offer.

Committed to Quality

WCI is committed to quality. We ensure that the products and services we provide meet or exceed our customer's expectations.

Commitment to the Environment

As a leader in ESP industry, we have made our commitments to the environment and community engagement an integral part of our strategy.

Over 30 Years of Experience

Since 1986, WCI has provided its clients with the knowledge and skills required for all their air pollution control equipment needs.

Research & Development

No matter the industry, research and development facilities must be on the cutting edge of their markets as owners and operators vie for the competitive advantage.

Total understanding of vision and function.

Diverse functionality.